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33 Gorgeous & Pretty Wedding Hairstyles

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Ah, the big day! It can’t get any more exciting that your wedding and not to mention; frustrating. From the major details like venue, arrangements and dresses to the minor ones like makeup and hairstyles! Even though we may be categorizing hairstyles as trivial, you must know the best ones out there to look your utmost best at your wedding.

The hairdo must go well with the dress; if you’re wearing a cut dress, simply gel back the hair. If you’re having the ball gown, you can twirl it into a bun with a huge variety of styles that your hairdresser can tell you.

If you have short hair, you can simply curl the tips and let it loose; if you have longer locks you have more ideas to experiment with. YouTube, Pinterest and your stylist can help you decide what you want and how you want it. Furthermore, you can add bling to your hair with some elegant wedding headbands, hairclips and even flowers (oh don’t they look absolutely ravishing).

What’s even more vital is that your hair looks healthy and glossy. No matter what style you do, if the hair is dull, static or rough, you will ruin the look completely. Well before the wedding, start keeping your hair in shape by getting a proper cutting, using serums, shampoos and conditioners regularly. Herbal oils have also helped a lot of women improve their hair. The better your hair is the more gorgeous you shall look on your wedding day!

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