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33 Cool Pastel Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love

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Gone are the days when women used to dye their hair brown or blonde to look different. The modern world has brought forth many innovations and one of them is the trend of pastel hair colors! Break the shackles of boring browns and everyday blacks; go for baby pink and lavender crème!

The most common pastel hair color is pink because it highlights your feminism all the while keeping you looking sassy. Put on a shade of red lipstick and those Ray Bans are you’re ready to take the world by a storm. Coming in next is lavender that is a little subtle but appears to be the favorite of many celebrities out there due to its elegance.

Granny hair has also proven to look striking hot on women all over the world; which is actually a pastel shade of grey. It really brings out the natural beauty, all the while keeping your hair looking sassy.  If you have naturally darker hair, you can have beach waves and pastel blue color! Looks divine and reminds you of the sea.

If you’re not ready for such a bold step, because pastel hair is a really bold move to make, you can start by only dying the tips or having a few streaks of the pastel color to access how it looks on you. Once you feel that you’re ready and the color looks promising, you can dunk your entire hair in the pastels!

It’s nice to move out of your comfort zone every once in a while and experiment with life; so how about pastel hair?

33 Cool Pastel Hair Color Ideas You'll Love


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