33 Adorable Balayage Hair Color Ideas 2018

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Following the bandwagon effect can get pretty tiring at times. While the world dyes their hair green or turns their nail into stilettos, you might not really feel comfortable about these fashion statements. If you want a new look but still want to stay subtle and natural, balayage hair styles will be the answer to all your problems. Originating from the French word ‘sweep/paint’, balayage hair focuses on giving hair a close to nature gradient style.

For a bold blonde look, try simple highlights at the bottom of your hair that blends into your natural color. Beach waves also compliment a brown blonde combo keeping it safe yet sensual. With women who have darker hair like brown, it is not necessary to add blonde which can look a tad fake; try out shades of red. Not only do they look super chic but they merger in perfectly. On the contrary, if your hair is lighter in color like sandy blonde, how about incorporating a bit of silvery grey hue into it to really maximize the pale influence that your hair already has. If your hair is done into a bob cut, don’t fear, because balayage styles are accommodated even into pixie cuts and they look divine. Longer hair can also show off the ombre effect very gorgeously!

What’s important about balayage is that you need a trained person to do it; that might cost you some extra bucks but the result shall be fruitful. You really don’t want it done recklessly do you?

33 Adorable Balayage Hair Color Ideas 2017


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