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37 Glamorous Updos for Bridesmaids 2018

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A hairstyle is not just something that completely changes the outlook of the hairs, but at the same time it accentuates the personality.

Wedding is a special occasion. Both bride and the bridesmaids want to appear special in all ways. They want to look unique through their costumes, their makeup and the hair styles. Thus, it is very important to choose the perfect style to make your day the memorable one. A bridesmaid wants to stand out among her fellows, so her updos mean a lot.

Most of the hairstylists believe that the hairstyle of the bridesmaid must be equally attractive like that of the bride. There are many ways to style the hair that complement the hairstyle worn by the bride herself. Buns, ponytails, plaits and half-updos are great options for the maid.

She is not the bride, but bride’s bestie moving with her in her special journey. Although it is not recommended to wear heavy jewelry, heavy hairstyles, and glossy stuff, but still she has to manage her elegantly.

Casually done buns are great for the bridesmaids. French braid added wit light beads or small flowers can be great for the young bridesmaids. Tightly combing back the hair and then tying up a high pony tail or the bun can work well.

Many hairstylists add delicate flowers to this style that match with their outfit. Fishtail braid is also very popular among the bridesmaid. It looks good even when it is not added with any accessory.

37 Glamorous Updos for Bridesmaids 2018

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