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33 Elegant Long Layered Haircut Ideas

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It is always a challenge to maintain long hair especially when they are either naturally layered or are given a layered look in the styling session. After sometime when they grow again, it seems difficult to maintain them. If you are looking for some great styles to suit your long layered hairs then you can choose one of the following in 2017.

Multi layering style

Sleek and chic cut adds body to the long layered hairs. To get this look a mix layer style is great. Here the layers are short, medium and long. The shorter ones are used to frame the face, while the others give a bounce to the hair. Most of the layers are medium sized.

The framing layers

Regardless of the color and texture of the hair, the face framing layers are a great choice for those who want to accentuate the facial features. Long layers are created such that they blend well with the rest of the hair. The flow of the layers is towards the end.

Straight layers

They give a chic look to the hair. With these long layers, the hair looks chic and light. They appear like light feathers. Initially the hair will require some cutting to give proper shape to the hair.

Layers with dual tones

This style became popular initially in the 90s, but it has returned back in 2017 with great boost. The layers have sharp edges. The different hues are added to the layers to add life to them.



33 Elegant Long Layered Haircut Ideas

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