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33 Cool & Colorful Hairs Ideas

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Don’t they say that all your beauty resides in your hair? Well, it’s not wrong to say that your hair is probably the first thing that people notice, so why not make it eye-candy? While blacks, browns and blonde hues have taken over our hairstyles, women are really becoming the highlight by dying their hair colorful! Yes, we’re talking red and pink and blue!

For starters, you can dye your hair in streaking of a different color; any color you like. It remains delicate, yet it brings out your personality. Going a step further, you can dip dye your hair i.e. makes the tips colored; red looks lavishing and pink has also made its name in this regard.

If you’re into more bold steps, go ombre on your hair with any shade desirable so it looks appealing to the eye, as well as modish. While pastel colors are also making their mark especially rose pink gold and grey; brighter colors like blue and purple are also being endorsed by celebrities. If you’re looking to be in the eyes of off that see you, go absolutely trendy by dying your hair rainbow! Not only do they look great but they also make you feel more confident, modern and merry. However, if you wish to appear teenage only do streaks of rainbow colors and let your real hair show too.

Going beyond the acceptable hair colors may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you plunge in this world, you’ll want to change hair colors every day!



 33 Cool & Colorful Hairs Ideas


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