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27 Pretty Rose Pink Hair Color Ideas

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Nothing screams ‘girly’ like the color pink and one of the perks of belonging to the female gender is that you can pull it off in any style, manner or accessory. The latest trend hitting the internet is rose pink hair color! Many YouTube stars, celebrities and instagram hash tags are being associated to this hair color and now we know why it is making it big.

First of all, rose pink will bring out your feminine side in a very subtle yet loud manner. You don’t need hot pink to attract attention; this elegant color will be turning heads towards you for sure! Secondly, all the girls out there claim that it is a color that blends in really well with all sorts of makeup especially highlighters and shimmers. Imagine your newly dyed hair, bright red lipstick, and winged eyeliner; simply lavishing. On the other hand, it makes you stand out in a crowd where blonds, blacks and brunettes are common. If you like to be in the limelight or just want to be the icing on the cake of any show, rose pink hair color is the best for you.

The added benefit of this look is that it encompasses a wide genre of styles. A whole lot of celebrities also went forth to adopt this new trend and they showed up with various kinds of hairdos representing this bravura. Katy Perry took it retro, while Hilary Duff got her hair short for it. What would you go for?

27 Cute & Pretty Rose Pink Hair Color Ideas


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